With matcha carried to me from Colorado, I’m finally getting to experiment – I have not yet made any of these things. I did make some almond-chocolate chip-matcha-mounds.

and… a tea-themed party should naturally be next.


It’s been a momentous day so far. It’s my second-to-last day at work – almost 11 a.m. – and goats are already in the picture.

Here’s how goats made it into the office : we started talking about my future plans to feed people on a big scale, and whether the menu would be vegetarian or vegan. I plan to have goats and chickens during that same period (the future) and Googling goat cheese followed like bananas follow peanut butter. So,

That one there is worth the click.

Fairly directly, we made it to the National Pygmy Goat Association and Arthur offered to be our goatherd, part-time. Lael is willing to take over one day a week.

Pygmy Goats

Pygmy Goats

If someone was to arrange for me to have this,

but vegan, I would be extremely pleased. I would hug them. If they wanted, the frosting on top could be left out.

I’ve been a-noticing something with this new food-ogling blog plan of mine: a vast majority of the most succulent and delectable looking photographs of food on the internet are of desserts. I don’t think it’s just a subconscious tendency because of my adoration of desserts, since I love fresh vegetables even more. Like here’s a lovely non-dessert shot:

But wait! Those nuts are on their way into a Chocolate Pistachio Cake from use real butter, and I won’t complain for an instant. Girl takes great pictures and I bet her food tastes like it looks.

I don’t think this dessert swarm is just my subconscious tendency to click certain key places because of my adoration of desserts, since I love fresh vegetables even more. It might be partially because the luscious savory shots usually feature meat, and since I can’t imagine eating it the foodie impact is missing for me. I maybe never noticed the over-prevalence of dessert shots before because I mostly lurk around on 101cookbooks, with it’s balanced and healthy visual nourishment. I’ll tell you what, though, internet: it’s on. I’m going to find the most outrageously sumptuous veggie photography you’ve got floating around out there, and I’m going to post it here, so I can look at it again.

So, chocolate on my mind and beautiful images on the internet, I found this amazing photographer whose name is Lara Hata. I definitely found some lush chocolate shots, but her dessert pictures just aren’t as arresting as the pictures of tomatoes. Well, there are my real loyalties. Check them here, and in the food section too. That category definitely outshone the others for me overall – maybe because today I ate the first ripe cherry tomato from my garden?

Since I started out with chocolate,