figs… nuts/seeds… crunch.


Coffee and bananas are two things I have a lot of.

Apparently coming to California tosses good things my way…





Incidentally gluten-free, I just found this recipe which I’m itching to make vegan and refined sugar-free as well. Halwa has been tried before, resulting in strange pastes and innovative cookies, and this one seems worth adding to the line-up. How could it not be delicious?

bowl of halwa?
bowl of halwa?

I’ve made panzanella a couple times now… first time I followed the 101 Cookbooks recipe for Strawberry Panzanella with my own sorts of ingredients, and last night I made croutons the same style as the Spring Panzanella Recipe using homemade sourdough bread from a couple days ago, green onions and a little fresh mint from the garden, and roasted carrots, beets, & asparagus with celery greens; all tossed straight out the oven with fresh halved cherry tomatoes. I’m not sure how Heidi found the springtime inspiration for this beautiful green palette in San Francisco, but my August Panzanella was all reds and oranges.


Springtime Green


The onion chutney & red quinoa spring rolls that my brother rolled up were gorgeous, delicious, and vanishing, but there was no internet image fueling that one.

Scrolling merrily down Pinch My Salt while a grilled corn, mango, and jicama salad with honey vinagrette topped the page, I found a trove of food pornotography websites, starting with FoodPornDaily. Lots of meat, but all close-ups. Then foodgawker slurped me in – FP daily (not the same as FoodPornDaily?) – then Cannelle et Vanille, with pixie tarts:

Pixie Tarts!

Pixie Tarts!

and finally, this super amazing remarkable video. Western Spaghetti!

So, chocolate on my mind and beautiful images on the internet, I found this amazing photographer whose name is Lara Hata. I definitely found some lush chocolate shots, but her dessert pictures just aren’t as arresting as the pictures of tomatoes. Well, there are my real loyalties. Check them here, and in the food section too. That category definitely outshone the others for me overall – maybe because today I ate the first ripe cherry tomato from my garden?

Since I started out with chocolate,

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