figs… nuts/seeds… crunch.


Incidentally gluten-free, I just found this recipe which I’m itching to make vegan and refined sugar-free as well. Halwa has been tried before, resulting in strange pastes and innovative cookies, and this one seems worth adding to the line-up. How could it not be delicious?

bowl of halwa?
bowl of halwa?

Oh my goodness, I have a dangerous love of nutrition information. If I wasn’t about to move to Guatemala, I’d be seriously considering a gluten-free diet… I’m learning so much from just looking around the web for a couple days! Who ever knew that chia seeds are the healthiest of healthy?

chia seed bubble coffee!

chia seed bubble coffee!

I’ve been fascinated with gluten-free cooking for a good long time, but the number and cost of flours always stops me short of mixing up something for the oven. Luckily for me, Linnea is on a gluten-minimizing diet at the moment, just bought lots of types of flours, and I’m visiting!

I found a gluten-free blog that’s much, much more – this woman thinks about what she cooks, and has not only organized a guide to gluten-free living but has recipes for vegetarians, vegans, mediterranean diet, and lots of combinations. Vegan gluten-free cooking, hello.

Ideas that fascinate me already :

pecan crackers!

pecan crackers

breakfast brownies! vegan, GF, breakfast

breakfast brownies! vegan! GF! breakfast!

grilled - yes - pizza

grilled - yes - pizza

Well, this girl definitely has a really interesting blog; the pictures are phenomenal and the prose is very well-written, but it strikes a very affected tone, either as a voice she’s using or as a representation of who she really is. In either case, it’s an impressive blog.

I’ve been a-noticing something with this new food-ogling blog plan of mine: a vast majority of the most succulent and delectable looking photographs of food on the internet are of desserts. I don’t think it’s just a subconscious tendency because of my adoration of desserts, since I love fresh vegetables even more. Like here’s a lovely non-dessert shot:

But wait! Those nuts are on their way into a Chocolate Pistachio Cake from use real butter, and I won’t complain for an instant. Girl takes great pictures and I bet her food tastes like it looks.

I don’t think this dessert swarm is just my subconscious tendency to click certain key places because of my adoration of desserts, since I love fresh vegetables even more. It might be partially because the luscious savory shots usually feature meat, and since I can’t imagine eating it the foodie impact is missing for me. I maybe never noticed the over-prevalence of dessert shots before because I mostly lurk around on 101cookbooks, with it’s balanced and healthy visual nourishment. I’ll tell you what, though, internet: it’s on. I’m going to find the most outrageously sumptuous veggie photography you’ve got floating around out there, and I’m going to post it here, so I can look at it again.