Oh no, living in India is making me into a midwesterner! But I love these.


I love.

Cookies for breakfast and savory oats? Like so :

The posting has skyrocketed since I left San Francisco. This is what happens when I’m heartbroken and stuck in Los Angeles, apparently. That city is captivating.

I found a really good thing, though. It’s a blog called Bon Appegeek, with supremely interesting recipes like nurungji, commentaries on eggs, and images like scallions.

Scallions and wild garlic mustard pesto.

Incidentally gluten-free, I just found this recipe which I’m itching to make vegan and refined sugar-free as well. Halwa has been tried before, resulting in strange pastes and innovative cookies, and this one seems worth adding to the line-up. How could it not be delicious?

bowl of halwa?
bowl of halwa?