Alright, it seemed like a good idea 20 minutes ago and it still does, so I’m going to make a blog of the food I’m pondering at any given moment. I’ve got some food curiosity at least once a day, so it could be a fast-moving collection… and it’s probably a better way of keeping track of things I’d like to remember than pasting the link into an e-mail draft that I never send. That’s pretty roundabout. What right now? The 101cookbooks post from this morning (I think) that had a flipped-over version of a fruit dessert she posted a couple days ago, along with an insinuation that the fillings are overflowings from the orchards tucked in some mysterious neighborhood in my same city. That’s pretty maddening. I wonder if there’s some way to get images from other sites straight in here, instead of just the link?

Swansons Cherry Cobbler

Swanson's Cherry Cobbler